Upcoming SAF workshops and 2015 in review!

We are the only organization in existence today whose sole purpose is to promote and support the work of Sensory Awareness world-wide.

Upcoming workshops and events in 2015:

  • Sensing Sundays: Contact Sara Gordon to register:
    415-507-0996 OR sensoryawareness@comcast.net
    Click here for more information!

    Watch this page for more information about our annual workshops.

  • Annual West Coast Workshop in Menlo Park, California
    May 13 – 15, 2016 at Vallombrosa Retreat Center. 

  • Annual East Coast Workshop in Garrison, New York
    October 7 – 9, 2016 at the Garrison Institute.

2015 was an exciting year for us.

The year in review

  • First SAF East Coast workshop in years. SAF now organizes two annual national workshops.
  • Support for Sensory Awareness leaders through the SAF website & other collaborations.
  • A new SAF website in development with added features.
  • Sensing Sundays, a new program, offers sensing experiments through two conference calls a month.
  • Numerous veterans and college students attended our workshops on scholarships.
  • Donations to programs developed by leaders who are working with under-served populations.
  • Many copies of “Every Moment is a Moment” donated to Veterans PATH, (formerly Honoring the Path of the Warrior). This comprehensive program offers Sensing, meditative practices, community and healing to veterans.
    Visit their website here!
  • “Waking Up”, already available in English and Japanese, soon to be available in Spanish, thanks to Enric Bruguera and Lee Klinger Lesser.
  • On-going Sensory Awareness classes in the Bay area, led by Richard Lowe.

Like most non-profits we depend on your generosity to continue and expand upon our programs.

Through exploring the rich realm of our sensations we can rediscover a more mindful and more deeply alive connection with life as it is in the present moment.

This aliveness fosters compassion and connection within ourselves, to others, to the world.

Please contribute to the SAF today!!

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“The very basis of the work – the very core of the work, is that everything we do can come always new.” 
                   -  Charlotte Selver, Reclaiming Vitality and Presence
Our Mission Statement:  “to strengthen the capacity for authenticity, presence and responsiveness through the practice of Sensory Awareness and thereby contribute to a more caring and connected world.”