Coming Home To Our Original Nature

  Rediscover a truer and more embodied connection with life as it is in the present moment.
   Sensory Awareness is an experiential study and practice which helps guide us in reawakening our capacity for fuller sensory experiencing. Gradually through gentle and simple nonverbal explorations, habitual limiting thoughts and tensions fall away as we become more wholeheartedly engaged and connected with what we do. With continued practice we can come to reclaim a richer natural sense of authenticity and ease in our daily lives.
  Many find this study to be a valuable enhancement to stress reduction, meditation, psychotherapy, massage, yoga, dance, creative expression, and more.


As brought to the U.S. and further developed by Charlotte Selver, the legacy of this work lives on through the educational materials and projects of the Sensory Awareness Foundation and through the many approved teachers of the Sensory Awareness Leaders’ Guild worldwide. 

The very basis of the work – the very core of the work, is that everything we do can come always new.”

                   –  Charlotte Selver, Reclaiming Vitality and Presence

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The mission of the Sensory Awareness Foundation:

To strengthen the capacity for authenticity, presence and responsiveness through the practice of Sensory Awareness and thereby contribute to a more caring and connected world.